Mickey Mouse Quilt

Mickey Mouse Quilt



From Cot to Bed, our quilts are made from 100% natural fabrics. Made with 100% cotton fabric and a soft durable bamboo inner.

Quilt size is approx 110cm long, 110cm wide.

We make our cot quilts slightly larger to ensure our quilts grow with your child. Meaning that as they move from cot to bed the quilt can go with them.

Because our quilts are only made with natural fabrics they are safe, warm and breathable, helping baby and child to regulate their body temperature naturally and sleep longer.

We believe quilts should last a lifetime and be passed from generation to generation, and ours are made to do just that.

We will only ever make a limited number of any quilt, so you can be assured that every quilt made is unique. All our quilts are handmade and designed in New Zealand.

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